Create The Perfect Logo with a Free Logo Generator

Create The Perfect Logo with

A Free Logo Generator

Creating the perfect logo can be quite involving, but the use of a free logo generator will simplify the process for you. Creating a logo is much more than putting together fonts, colors, and different shapes. You need to think about the process in a systematic manner because the wrong logo will cost your brand big-time. People will remember your company using your logo, and you, therefore, need one that is catchy and communicates the right message.

Follow our tips below on what you need to do when creating your company logo?

Consider the look

You want a visually appealing logo; one that your target audience immediately recognizes every time they see it. Avoid loud, flashy colors to attract attention. Quite the contrary, subtlety works best.

Keep it simple

We cannot emphasize this point enough; your logo should speak to the target audience without being flashy or bold. A simple, clean logo is very attractive, consider the Nike swoosh or the Apple logo, both are very attractive, simple and easy to customize to any branding requirement.


The beauty about logo designs is that there is so much variety available; you can use symbols or words, but make sure that whatever you choose communicates well. Avoid excessive shading or embossing because, you will in future have a nightmare when you try to apply it to different branding items like banners, t-shirts, among others.

Use of colors

Use colors to enhance the logo but do not go overboard. A safe option is to use white or black as the base design, and then try and apply different colors to see how the design looks.


Tell your brand story

If your logo does not speak for your brand, then you have missed the mark. The Amazon brand story is stress-free shopping leading to happy shoppers, and the smile underneath the text communicate this very well. The logo elicits an emotion every time you look at it and gives a lasting impression.  

The logo should represent your company well and help identify your brand. Make sure it is unique because you would not want to be confused with another business. You will have to apply a bit of creativity while keeping things simple. 

Let the logo make sense

When creating a logo, think about what you want to communicate, and let it make sense to your business and brand. Even if you were to explain it to people, your explanation should be easy to understand, so that you create an association immediately.

It is crucial that you have good content. The content will be the voice and personality of the logo and will help you create a bond with the final consumers.


Make sure it has flexibility

Your logo should be agile, scalable and relevant to your brand. Like a human being, your logo should have a personality, so that it draws in people immediately. If we are to go back to the Nike example, the simple swoosh shows that it is a brand that is confident, and does not need to hide behind loud colors or excessive text to communicate.

Most importantly, your logo should be timeless. That is why we suggest that you go for a simple classic design that can stand the test of time. While you may want to go with the trends, you will find that your logo loses relevance when the trends change. Communicating a logo change to the public is an expensive and time-consuming affair, and you will want to avoid this by having a design that remains relevant many years down the line.

Be versatile

As we have alluded to in the article above, your logo should apply to different marketing requirements. Whether on a business card, a billboard, and banner or the side of your vehicles, the logo should speak the same language throughout.  If you realize that when you try to scale it onto different applications, it starts to pixelate or lose its shape, then it is not a good logo.

Use technology to your advantage.

Technology is a beautiful thing, and companies like Shopify have the Hatchful logo generators that will simplify the process of coming up with a good logo design. Using the free generator, you can create a logo within seconds, without needing any technical advice.  It is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, but any business can benefit from it.

The tool gives you hundreds of templates, icons and color combinations to choose from. Shopify goes a step further by allowing you to customize the logos depending on your industry including fashion, finance, photography, restaurants, and sports among others.

You can also download the high-resolution logo images for use on your social media accounts, merchandise, and branding material.

When you go to the Shopify website, the process is straightforward; you will get a prompt to get started, choose your industry and visual style, add the business name and slogan if you so desire, specify where you will use the logo whether in print, social media, physical stores among other applications. It will then generate samples of logos for you to choose from. Once you pick your desired logo, you can edit the font, colors, layout, and icons or leave it as is.   

True to their promise, you do get a logo within seconds.

Final thoughts

The logo generator tools available online will make the process of coming up with a logo for your business so simple.  If you are a start-up, you will most probably not have the money to spend on an agency or a designer.  But using our tips above on what a good logo should look like, and with the logo generator tools, you can start the process of creating one for your business. Remember to keep the design simple, let it communicate your brand story and ensure that it is customizable to the different branding items you will have in your business.

Now that you know all about your company logo, click here to learn about website builders!

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